About Us

Who We Are

Hardstuck is the biggest social and gameplay-oriented community in Guild Wars 2. We strive to create a fun, dynamic and inclusive environment, where all players can feel welcome and find resources to upgrade their in-game experience.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of a proactive, social approach to the game and we work hard to help that spirit grow within the Guild Wars 2 community. Whatever we do, the key-word at Hardstuck is “together”; after all, Guild Wars 2 is not a single-player MMO – despite popular belief.

We provide a platform where players can engage socially, access valuable information and find support and/or funding for organising events. Our ultimate goal is to have fun, but that does not mean we do not like to take ourselves seriously. We also focus on offering resources to educate the playerbase and help it achieve a deeper understanding of the game on a mechanical level. We likewise aim to make the entry level to the Guild Wars 2 end-game more accessible to everyone.

Whether you enjoy try-harding or simply chilling, there is surely a place for you at Hardstuck!